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Kick-start your sales drive

EUR 4.700,-(VAT exkluded)

If you believe that your company needs get better at selling in the digital or social media channels, if you want to set new standards for your company or if you simply want to get a new perspective, then our one-day workshop is the right thing for you.

Coming out of our workshop you will have a New Market Selling action plan for your brand that clearly details which steps are required to successfully compete in the new market of selling.

After the workshop, you will receive a New Market Selling summary, which clearly captures the results of the workshop.

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The workshop covers three areas:

  • 01„Identifying“
    With you and your team, we will identify the community(s) that offers the greatest potential for your brand product or service.
  • 02„Communicate“
    Together, we will develop community relevant and value adding content ideas.
  • 03„Quick Wins“
    The aim of the workshop is to co-create and implement concrete sales initiatives. We will identify Quick Wins in the workshop and create the process and timing plan to deliver them.

Your Social Selling Sales Analysis

EUR 2.800,-(VAT exkluded)

Do you really know what results your social media activity delivers? Are your dialogue measures in the digital media really efficient? Do you truly understand the digital journey your current and desired customers are taking? Are you taking full advantage of all dialogue and social media channels?

We help you answer these questions and understand your social media presence apart from the classic social media analysis tools.

After the "traffic light" process, we analyze the different areas and show you where and how you can sell more successfully with New Market Selling.

All this is summarized clearly in a Social Selling report.

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