„Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center ...

Big, undreamed-of things - the people on the edge see them first.

- Player Piano, Kurt Vonnegut, page 84

At page 84 we help Clients and Brands

see and do big things first.

While most Agencies have forgotten why they exist - to help Clients sell stuff – we, at page 84, have not. Our focus is clear: we turn powerful ideas into on and off-line programs that sell our Clients products and services.

The consumer market where a brand could reach a mass-market target group as they sit ‘captively’ on a couch is a thing of the past. The new consumer market is a vast patchwork of digitally enabled ​​individuals; free to choose, consume and share content as they see fit. Marketing to this hyper connected and content liberated consumer requires a new approach. That’s why we created ‘New Market Selling’.

At its core,

New Market Selling is the act of creating brand messages and experiences that provide real added value for consumers and the communities to which they belong. Branded content that people are willing to consume and share with others. Content that turns skeptics into consumers and consumers into brand advocates. Put simply, value-added content that sells without selling.

Modern consumers seek out, and engage with, like-minded communities that share their interests. As more and more consumers personalize their media consumption, traditional media outlets becomes more and more fragmented. As a result, a brand’s ability to reach consumers in mass becomes more and more difficult. That’s why New Market Selling does not depend on mass-market media targeting, but rather, targets brand relevant communities and their members.

New Market Selling is not based on traditional broad based demographic targeting, but rather on the community model - that is, people grouped together by shared values and interests. Our experience and communication programs show that with the right mechanic and brand content, messages spread quickly and effectively within the community. Once engaged, community members become brand advocates - actively promoting the brand to the community’s other members.

The three phases of New Market Selling
  • 01 Identify
    The community with the greatest potential for the brand is identified.
  • 02 Communicate
    A 365-day dialogue with community members is implemented.
  • 03 Sell
    Community members engage with the brand and are converted to active consumers and brand advocates
New Market Selling also involves defining clear, verifiable goals together with our Clients.

The success of a communication programs is measurable.

Based on findings and insights, we are continually optimizing our programs and adapting them to the rapidly changing market and media trends.

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